Laser Cutting tools

What shape is your head? Laser cut hat conformer.

A friend of mine is into making hats. Apparently, you can’t just make them whatever size and shape you want.

Ideally a hat should match the customers’ head size and shape. Obviously you can use a sewing tape measure to get the circumference of the head, but seeing that we are all unique flowers, we have been blessed with varied head shapes. Therefore, hat conformers are a thing.

They all work on a similar principle, multiple components that radially adjust to touch the head of the future hat bearer and lock into position. After that, the haberdasher can trace that outline onto whatever haberdashers trace their head outlines onto.

If you want to make your own, here are the files and instructions on how to assemble the thing:


Parts list:

  • 1 x Laser cut – Base – 4mm plywood
  • 23 x Laser cut – Element A – 4mm plywood
  • 23 x Laser cut – Element B – 4mm plywood
  • 23 x Round headed M6x20mm bolts
  • 23x M6 wing nuts
  • 23 x M6 large washers
  • 23 x 5mm shelf pins/pegs


  1. Use wood glue to assemble Element A to Element B
  2. Insert 1 shelf peg into base
  3. Place assembled Elements into base and insert bolt from below
  4. Place washer on top of Elements and Wing nut on top
  5. Repeat 22 more times
  6. An elastic band should be used around the vertical elements to make conforming easier.

On an unrelated note, have you ever seen an actual banana hammock?

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