Laser Cutting

Laser Marking Steel – Part Two

As promised, I’ve made some more tests with DM-90. Here are the knives from the end of the last post. Settled on using 40mm/s at 35% power.

It worked fine on these. I also marked my own Swiss Army Knife. The good news is, it worked. The bad news is, I chose a predominantly etched design, meaning that the laser had a lot of time to heat the blade up. This being the smaller type of knife, the blade is quite thin. Of course it warped… It does look good though.

Another thing to be mentioned is that this marking does not work on chromed or nickel plated surfaces. Tried it on a Zippo lighter and it left only the faintest mark. It may be because the plated surface isn’t porous enough.

Here’s a gif (horrible, horrible quality) of the action: