Flask tongs

The flask we use for investment casting needs to be removed from the oven at around 500 to 600 deg. C. Instead of buying some flask tongs, I just buit a pair.

As a basis I used some kind of surgical clamp bought at the flea market a long time ago. I kept it around just waiting for an opportunity. Well, here it is. There was also a bit of 10mm flat stock in the workshop and used that to make the actual grabbing part.

After finding an appropriate diameter steel disc, I bent the flat bar around it, then used the wire bending jig I built a while back to bend back the ends of the circular sections.

Then I cut the end off of the surgical thing and drilled and tapped two holes for each tong. Of course I broke a tap in the process so had to drill another hole. So much for symmetry.

After a couple of matte black high temp spray paint, the tongs are done.

Here it is being tested out. Works great, and the built-in spring prevents you from dropping the flask.

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